Saturday, February 5, 2011

Strong Mental Health Through Sanskrit Poetry Chanting.


We may be feeling strong in the matter of our physical health conditions, still always in some way we try to research new methods by which we can enhance our knowledge on; Feeling well. Acquiring good health or good mental power may or may not be a choice of a man, but it must be the  regular habit by which he would acquire a satisfactory health condition. Such people, they maintain a life style which has been programmed by themselves and any alteration to it, they won't prefer, unless they are 100% convinced to themselves; that a particular new method is going to benefit to an appreciable extent.

When we come across our favorite music or we tune to a music that we love, we relax and feel happy. As relaxation triggers our physical condition by which it acquires a better state and we feel stronger and aggressive to our next scheduled work. In scientific method the subject can be put in this way, our physical conditions well responds to a particular combination of sound waves arranged in certain order. Although this phenomenon well activates our physical conditions, the initiation takes place in our mind first, that is in our brain cells.

 It concludes that the condition of our brain cells improve due to certain range of sound waves.

It is very difficult to explain why certain range of sound waves alter the condition of functioning of the brain cells to perform better, but we are well acquainted with the phenomenon; intense sound and noisy sound effect our mind well and we start feeling uneasy. This concludes that quality of sound can change the condition of our brain cells either upwards or down wards depending on quality, which is due to the band of sound frequencies that our brain cells experience.

Yoga, it is a activity that improves our mental health as well as physical health and it is different from our as usual physical exercise such as jogging ,playing, gymnastic etc. It is different in the sense that, Yoga activity directly works on our nerves system and mind. It improves our nerves functioning means it strengthens our body parts located internally as well as externally. It improves our mind functioning, means it enhances strength of our brain cells. Our brain is made of billions of cells which communicate with each other constantly and this activity gives rise to proper generation of electrical signals which are made to propagate to respective nerves system by which our body parts perform the commended activity. There is no proper explanation why Sanskrit poetry chanting should improve mental conditions; but it is a practical experience, results noticed from millions of people who practice and experience the benefit.

Chanting of Sanskrit Sloaks [poetry] is part of Yoga practice. This particular practice is very easy and very effective to our mental performance enhancement. The normal daily practice, or two to four times a week of Yoga requires one to three hours of time period. But chanting of Sanskrit Salok requires only ten to thirty minutes of time period. If you are little unwell you may avoid "Yoga" as per your choice but Sanskrit chanting need not be avoided in the circumstances of little unwell.

Sanskrit is an ancient language of India which is highly linked to "Veda". Ayur treatment which has been adopted in some parts of India and even out side of India, it  is derived from Ayurveda. Practically we can see lacks of people are doing this practice of chanting Sanskrit Sloak, before starting their routine work every day. They are so used to this practice that, they feel uneasy when they start routine work with out practicing it. To explain why Sanskrit Sloak chanting helps mental health, the only explanation is, its construction consists of band of frequencies that repair brain cells and put right the communication process that continuously goes on in between brain cells.

There is a very important practical observation; chanting of Sanskrit Sloak brings the advantage to a measurable high level of mental power among vegetarian diet. People..

Here is a very effective and widely practiced Sanskrit Sloak, named Gayatri Mantra

 [Oom bhuhur bhurrbo swohoo tachho biturborenm,
Bhargo devosyo dhe mohi dhyo yo no prochodoyat;]

Benefits of Yoga kapalbhati:

By exhaling fast you apply jerks to liver, kidneys and blood circular system of body. All our body parts are covered by fat layers in which stiffness increases because of age. Due to this yoga activity stiffness goes down and body parts start   functioning better. Read more        

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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Mahatma Gandhi
A woman came to the cottage of Mahatma Gandhi and said, Bapu, I have a problem, my child at each instance of the day claims me sweets, I want to get rid of this bad habit of my child. Please help me in the matter. Gandhi replied her to come after two days along with the child.

"I am also fond of sweets, how to advice the child not to eat", he asked himself. Then he determined to give up the habit completely and practiced for next two days and stayed with out any sweets. After two days when the woman came along with her child, he took the child into garden and spoke good tales and the child became obedient to Gandhi. Then he advised not to eat sweets otherwise he won't tell tales any further. He has to choose either sweets or tale, not both.

The child said I like to here tales and I do not want any sweet at all

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In the issue of Kashmir conflict Pakistan lost its face to face battle with India.and out of frustration it has been injecting terrorists into Indian territory, since last two decades.This activity created a  bad academic record for Pakistan in the eyes of whole World. On the other hand India,a purified nation,following the
Mahatma Gandhi's footsteps marching towards peak level of progress.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Lake side

The 1st priority subject of Obama after he took charge of office was to see that Pakistan well defends the terrorist at its surroundings including Afghanistan. The economic sanctions to Pakistan depend on how it acts in the matter. Every Indian ask you, Mr. President of America how for you will go on sanctioning money to Pakistan. There won't be any peak end time to stop this sanction. You hope until Afghanistan becomes strong enough to protect self, when Afghanistan will become strong enough to get rid of its unwanted elements? To protect itself from terrorism it has to become a 2ND America, not less then that, because America has got the history of smashing countries who gave shelter to terrorist, and for that reason no country can dare to make a threat to America. Do you feel India is not strong enough to protect it self? It is, But there is no solution for back side attackers. Only what remains is, to teach a big lesson to those who give shelter to these terrorists. The money you give Pakistan will be used to procure some more war fare goods, its nuclear weapon will be made more stronger and remaining amount will be utilized  in spreading terrorism in neighboring countries. On the other hand peoples of Pakistan, most of them are unable to get proper livelihood, there is no safe and purified drinking water in most part of the country. For peoples of Pak-occupied Kashmir, besides these difficulties another major difficulty is citizenship, which they have not been allotted since from last 60 years. Over and above, all your money sanction is a  matter of joy for Pakistan government but not for his citizens
So Dear Mr. Obama instead of Pakistan government give the amount to Peoples of Pakistan, corers of human lives will be benefited.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weight The Words

Since 26/11 Mumbai attack, we the Indians have been convincing Pakistan authorities to punish the master minds of attack. Our convincing words and our submitted proof of documents are dust bin throws for them. Now the time has come for action. From Pakistan soil clear messages are scattering towards all countries that no country can make a change in Pakistan including India. Pakistan may not change its strategy, because that is the way of their leaving. The veteran Pakistan Government gets money for giving shelter to these non state actors. These non state actors run Charity schools, hospitals etc. The important matter is Pakistan government rulers are basically chosen by these non state people rather then people of Pakistan. So there is no question of punishing these v.v.i.P's of Pakistan. Pakistan Government does not want lose confidence of them nor want to create any conflict in between. So let us go in our own way, let us save India from terrorist threats for the time to come, let us save our Indian wealth, lives and save dignity in front of world community by taking strong action against Pakistan .This is the right time for India, to protect itself from terrorist threats for time to come, because world community is with us and if it is not now, then it won't be ever.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

KASHMIR BRIDE-----not so easy

In 26/11 Mumbai attack the security squad had to fight with the terrorists for sixty hours. As terrorists had captured people in three five star hotels the veteran security squid were much worried for their lives rather then killing terrorists. Applying some cunning methods they could take out greater part of the crowd out of their captivity, but still the terrorists could kill last bunch of lives. Before this instance the terrorist group had killed 57 passengers on an open railway platform. Over all they had killed 190 lives, out of which 25 foreigners were among them. They even did not spare women and children. The fighting between security squad and terrorists went on until 9 terrorist were dead and last one was captured alive. Due to loss of 190 lives whole Mumbai was in totally grief. Each and every Mumbai man was so angry that, if situation permitted they would have gone combined to fight for revenge against Pakistan. The name of live captured terrorist was Ajmal Qasab. Security personals tried to know from him, what may be the secret subject, that these young people of Pakistan came to India to kill Indians. Qasab opened the truth that, Pakistan Principals have promised them, on their return they would be rewarded lifetime happiness, which includes huge amount of money and a Kashmir Bride to wed.

After detail enquiry he was produced in court of justice with the charge of attacking the country and killing people. No advocate came forward to pledge on behalf of him. So he contacted commission of Pakistan engaged in India to help him in the matter. After a couple of days he got the reply that Pakistan government rejected his petition. From this result he lost the confidence on Pakistan officials and contacted his parents through telephone to help in the matter. However Pakistan Government took the matter under consideration to help his country man in India. Now Qasab is waiting for Pakistan's help to pledge in the court.

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